Stay Connected

Stay Connected is a newsletter published by Sierra Tel to keep our community in touch with the many great services we offer, as well as to provide other helpful information that relates to telecommunications.

We Hope the Coming School Days Add Up to Great Experiences
Sierra Tel is a big supporter of our community’s schools and the important work happening inside their classrooms — from solving problems to inspiring creativity. As another new school year begins, we wish good luck to all the students, parents, and teachers in our service area.
Do you have an internet or Wi-Fi problem to solve? Contact Sierra Tel for the solution.

The Sky’s the Limit With Our Services
There’s so much you can do when you take advantage of today’s technology. Sierra Tel can help by providing the services you need to soar to new heights. For example, our super-fast Internet service will power a houseful of devices for streaming, monitoring, managing, protecting, researching, gaming, communicating, and more.

By Golly, Be Jolly!
Happy Holidays from Sierra Tel! We hope you enjoy a jolly holiday season filled with lots of laughter with family and friends.
As you prepare for the season, remember we offer the updated communications services you need to fully enjoy today’s latest devices. Call 559-683-4611, 209-966-3636 or visit our website at SierraTel.

Have a Ball This Fall
The fall season is full of opportunities to watch sports, whether it’s from the stands of a local football field or in your home on the TV screen. Sierra Tel hopes you have fun cheering for your favorite teams. We also thank you for being on our team by choosing us as your communications provider.

Happy Grandparents Day to Grand Folks
Grandparents Day was first declared a national holiday in 1978 by President Jimmy Carter. Since then, it’s been celebrated yearly on the first Sunday after Labor Day. It’s a grand time for gatherings to honor the vital role played by grandparents in the lives of their families.
Sierra Tel wishes all the best to the grandparents in our community. Enjoy your day!

We’re Fired Up About Friends and Neighbors
There’s something about a backyard that puts people at ease and inspires great conversations. Maybe it’s the sizzle of the grill, the gentle breezes, or the soundtrack provided by birds. We hope you’re enjoying plenty of backyard time this summer.
Sierra Tel is grateful to have you as a customer, friend, and neighbor. Call us anytime you have a question about communications technology.