Stay Connected

Stay Connected is a newsletter published by Sierra Tel to keep our community in touch with the many great services we offer, as well as to provide other helpful information that relates to telecommunications.

Get Egg-zactly the Services You Need
Happy Easter from Sierra Tel. We hope you enjoy April’s colorful array of activities, from decorating eggs in rainbow hues to filling baskets with toys and treats.
Remember, you can get egg-zactly what your family needs in Internet, phone, security, and other services from Sierra Tel. Check out our current selection of services at or call us at 559-683-4611 or 209-966-3636 for more details.

Get Ready to Put a Spring in Your Step
There’s nothing like the start of spring after a long winter. It’s time to throw open the windows, slip on your sandals, and watch for the first bursts of flowers outside.
Spring is also a great time to take steps forward in your personal journey, whether that involves learning new things or expanding your circle of friends. Contact Sierra Tel if you need help stepping up your technology.

Thank You for Buying Local
Each time you choose to make a purchase from a local business, it helps strengthen our local economy. According to the American Independent Business Alliance, every dollar spent at independent businesses returns three times more money to the community than a dollar spent at a chain (and almost 50 times more than a dollar spent at an online mega-retailer).
Sierra Tel appreciates your support and encourages you to buy local whenever possible.

It’s Time to Save Yourself Time
When the clock strikes midnight, resolve to make 2017 the year you get the most out of every minute. After all, time is our most precious resource.
Sierra Tel offers services to help you maximize your time including highspeed Internet, eBilling, and e-mail. When you let us provide solutions like these, you’ll have more time for your family and friends and activities you value most.

We Wish You a Very Merry Season
The merriest of moments are the ones spent with family and friends. Sierra Tel hopes your holiday season is filled with the sound of laughter, the feeling of togetherness, and the sight of festively decorated celebrations.
We thank you for choosing us as your communications provider and look forward to keeping you connected in 2017. Happy New Year (and new technology) from all of us!

Appreciation, Celebration and Illumination
Sierra Tel strives to say thanks to our customers throughout the year. Now that the holidays are approaching, we want to make sure this message of appreciation shines as brightly as the season’s lights.
Thanks for letting us provide the Internet service that connects you to Thanksgiving recipes and holiday gift ideas, and the TV service that enter-tains family and friends. It’s an honor to be part of your celebrations.