Notices – 2005

12/22/2005 – Classified Ads have new features
Classified ad submitters now can make changes to ads they have placed and delete them when the item sells. There is a link next to the Expiration date in your advertisement to update or delete ad… When clicked on this link takes you to a login screen so only the submitter can make changes to the ad.
The ability to edit and delete your own ads, and the option to upload photographs are examples of ways STI is continuing to make the STI Classifieds a useful tool for buyers and sellers.
11/21/2005 – New DSL Special Bonus – Full speed for a month
Beginning today, new DSL Special sign-ups will have the added benefit of full 1.5/256 speed for the first 4-weeks of their service. In appreciation for selecting STI as their broadband provider, the DSL Special for $29.95 will be provided at a faster speed for your surfing pleasure. We hope you enjoy this added bonus!
11/10/2005 – Additional Web Site Space allocation increased
In response to requests from subscribers, we have increased the amount of Additional Disk Space that can be added from 1MB to 10MB for $2.50 per month and a setup fee of $10. Now when subscribers who are using the free 10MB web space provided in their connection account run out of space they can double the size for this small fee.
Web Hosting accounts can also take advantage of this incremental service add.
10/26/2005 – DSL Modem purchase price decrease
STI has changed DSL modem manufacturers to provide a high quality modem at a cheaper price. These new modems can now be purchased for $69.95. Similarly the filters required for other telephone jacks in the house are now only $6 each.
10/26/2005 – DSL Special speed increased to 384/128
The STI DSL Special $29.95 package, available to homes or businesses, had a service speed increase to 384/128. New accounts will be added at the faster speed. Customers who installed at the 256/128 speed can increase their speed for a 1-time $30 change fee.
10/26/2005 – Modem Rental & Insurance prices reduced
Effective 10/13/05 the cost to rent high speed equipment was reduced from $10 per month to $5. The equipment insurance fee was also reduced from $5 to $3 per month.
All STI customers participating in these programs had their monthly fees reduced to the new rental and insurance rates.
10/12/2005 – DSL service may interfere with alarm monitoring services.
Alert was modified to this text.
In some cases, DSL service may interfere with the operation of alarm monitoring services. If you are a DSL subscriber and you have a monitored alarm system, we recommend that you test your alarm as soon as possible.
Please contact your alarm monitoring service for their specific test procedures. Be sure to have your DSL modem on while conducting any tests.
9/29/2005 – DSL service may interfere with alarm monitoring services.
In some cases, DSL service may interfere with the operation of alarm and/or monitoring services. If you are a DSL subscriber and subscribe to an alarm and/or monitoring service, we recommend you test your alarm and/or monitor (with DSL running) as soon as possible.
Sierra Tel alarm/monitoring customers can test their service by doing the following: Call the Alarm Monitoring Center at 559-683-2119. Give them your name, address and your secret code and inform them that you would like to test your alarm system.
To conduct the test, arm your alarm system by entering your four-digit alarm code and then walk through the building in all of the areas that have motion sensors and open any doors and windows that have contacts.
When done, clear your alarm by pressing the # key and re-enter your four-digit alarm code. Finally, call 559-683-2119 to verify that all zones for your alarm reported correctly.
9/29/2005 – Addition to STI Terms
Company recommends that Customers who use an alarm monitoring system notify Company of such before DSL installation takes place. Company recommends a DSL splitter installation in such instances. Company will not be held liable if DSL interferes with any alarm or monitoring system for any reason. Company recommends that Customer test their alarm and/or monitoring system (with DSL running) after DSL installation has taken place.
9/2/2005 – NEW STI Notifications Page
Here you’ll find important information about the status of our network and updates on STI’s products and services, which makes this notification page a great resource. So check back often to see what’s new at STI!