Notices – 2006

8/24/2006 – Update to STI Terms
DSL equipment is either rented by Customer, or Customer owns the equipment.
Customers who have been given DSL equipment by Company, now own (and are responsible for) the equipment. The DSL loaner program has been discontinued, and equipment previously loaned to Customer is now owned by Customer. Customers who purchase DSL equipment from Company, are responsible for their DSL equipment. DSL equipment will be replaced at no charge should the equipment fail for a warranty period of 2 years from the date of purchase. DSL equipment that does not fall under the two year warranty period can be tested by Company at Customer request. Likewise, Customer may choose to purchase replacement equipment at the current market rate. Rented equipment that has failed will be replaced at no charge.
8/24/2006 – Update to STI Terms
Company will charge Customer an early termination fee of $120 if Customer’s DSL account is canceled or terminated for any reason, including disconnection due to non-payment or relocation, within the first 12 months of service. For setup fee information, please see our pricing page.
3/10/2006 – New Hot Spot at SKP Park of the Sierras
A new Hot Spot location has been added in Coarsegold at SKP Park of the Sierras. Laptops within 100 feet of the Clubhouse will now be able to login and connect at high speed over our GigaSkyNet service. STI subscribers have free access to STI Hot Spots. Non-subscribers can purchase time by the hour, day, or month.