Notices – 2009

12/21/2009 – Update to STI Terms
Added STI Wireless Addendum form for wireless modem purchasers.
11/5/2009 – New DSL Agreement
12-month committment terms modified.
6/26/2009 – Update to STI Terms
DSL Early Termination Fee changed to $250.00. DSL service terminated for any reason within the first 12 months will be assessed this fee.
5/4/2009 – Updates to STI Terms
Section 11 (KidsNet) removed.
Section 2, added as IX:
News Group access is limited to 10 gigabyte of traffic per month. Customers who require more than the 10 gigabyte limit are encouraged to purchase their own News Group account from a third party News Group provider.
4/29/2009 – News Group Update
Commencing immediately, all STI subscribers will be limited to 10GB of news group traffic per month.
4/7/2009 – Updates to STI Terms
Section 17:
III. Early termination fee changed from $120 to $99.95.
VI. Phrase “DSL equipment” replaced by “DSL modems/routers.”
3/12/2009 – DSL Modem Rental Price Change
Beginning April 1, 2009, the DSL modem rental price will be $5.95 per month.