Notices – 2011

12/20/2011 – Update to Terms
Section 3, DSL Termination fees modified.
12/20/2011 – New DSL Agreement
12-month committment terms modified.
11/10/2011 – Update to STI Terms
Section Heading Verbiage Changes:
“Net Neutrality” –> “Network Management Practices”
“DSL Service Descriptions” –> “Broadband Performance Characteristics”
11/9/2011 – Update to STI Terms
Updated Section 1: Net Neutrality Section
Added new Section 2: DSL Service Descriptions
10/13/2011 – Update to STI terms
Update to Net Neutrality section.
4/14/2011 – Update to STI Terms
Removed “If you elect to purchase a wireless modem from STI you will need to submit a signed STI Wireless Addendum to receive the modem.”
3/28/2011 – Update to STI Terms
New Section 2 added:
Section 2. Net Neutrality
STI does not participate in any traffic shaping, filtering, or prioritization schemes that would unreasonably discriminate in the transmission of lawful network traffic. Likewise, STI does not block lawful content, ports, applications, services, or non-harmful devices (subject to reasonable network management).
STI provides no specialized services that impact the performance of its network.
Users have the right to attach non-harmful devices behind their STI issued routers for the transmission and receipt of lawful network traffic, to include (but not be limited to) voice, video, and other types of data services.
Exception: As an anti-spam practice, STI does prescribe to the blocking of outbound mail ports. This is an industry standard network management practice, and in no way affects the performance of your Internet service.
For questions regarding STI’s conformance to Net Neutrality rules, please email