Notices – 2012

4/17/2012 – Update to STI Terms
New Section 2, paragraph 5:
V. Premium DSL
This is our fastest DSL package. It does everything our standard package does, and more. It excels at online gaming, and works well for people who work from home or connect to work through a VPN. It downloads large files like movies and music very quickly. It easily handles voice applications, as well as up to 4 streams of SD video, or 2 streams of HD video. It is also superb for households and businesses who connect simultaneously with multiple computers. While actual speeds vary (depending on line conditions and distance), users can typically expect download speeds of 10Mbps to 12Mbps. It also has the same fast upload speed as our “Plus” packages.
2/21/2012 – Update to STI Terms
Section 2, DSL Services
Package title updates.
2/16/2012 – Update to STI Terms
DSL Agreements are no longer needed, so this phrase has been removed from the terms page.
1/18/2012 – Update to STI Terms
DSL package names added to Section 2.