Notices – 2014

10/31/2014 – Update to STI Terms
Section 18, paragraph VI, modified to one-year warranty period:
DSL modems/routers will be replaced at no charge should the equipment fail for a warranty period of one year from the date of purchase. DSL equipment that does not fall under the one-year warranty period can be tested by Company at Customer request.
8/7/2014 – Updates to STI Terms
Section 3: Promise to Pay
III. and VIII. removed.
Section 3.1: Billing Methods and Payment Options
Text updated
Section 19: GigaSkyNet removed
Please see STI Terms of Service for details.
5/6/2014 – Update to STI Terms
Removed Basic Plus DSL and Standard Plus DSL from Section 2: Broadband Performance Characteristics as these packages are no longer offered.
5/1/2014 – Update to STI Terms
Section 1 – III modified to add new modem models. Supported models now include Zyxel models 660H-D1, 660H-61, 660HW-D1, 660HN-51, 660R-D1, 660R-F1, and VMG-4325, and Comtrend model AR5381U.