Notices – 2015

11/02/2015 – Sierra Tel On-line Bill Payment Program Update
To better serve our customers, Sierra Telephone is in the process of updating its on-line bill payment program.
You may have received an email notice regarding your on-line bill payment access. This is a legitimate email. Your on-line eBill account access has been temporarily disabled and will be restored tomorrow, November 3rd.
If you pay your monthly bill via the Sierra Telephone on-line payment program, your online account will be automatically transitioned to our new payment program. For security reasons, your existing account password will be reset. Once the new system has been implemented, you will receive another email containing your updated password and further instructions.
Thank you for your business and your patience during this transition. Please contact us at 559-683-4611, 209-966-3636, or toll free at 1-877-658-4611 with any questions.
Sierra Tel Customer Care

10/16/2015 – Information regarding the new STI Spam filter
Dear Sierra Tel Subscriber,
We appreciate your patience over the past few weeks while we’ve completed the release of our new email system. Now that you have begun to familiarize yourself with the new Sierra Tel webmail interfaces, we thought you would appreciate additional information regarding the integrated webmail Spam filter. As there are changes from the old STI Junkmail program, this email should help you customize the new system to your specifications.
Webmail now integrates junkmail filtering within the same interface as your inbox and other folders. Due to this change, you will no longer receive a Daily Digest email. Therefore, it is highly advisable that you log into webmail occasionally to see if legitimate emails have been trapped by the Spam filter.
Upon logging into webmail, emails identified as junkmail are sorted directly into the Spam folder. The new junkmail filter is rather aggressive so you may have noticed emails from legitimate senders wind up in the Spam folder.
In Webmail Lite, you can authorize individual legitimate senders and move their emails to your inbox by clicking on the Spam folder, then opening the desired email message.
Click on the Allow Sender option in the horizontal menu bar directly above the email. This will move the email to your inbox and authorize the sender for future emails.
You may also reconfigure your spam settings by following these steps (in Webmail Lite):
  1. The From: Whitelist option allows you to configure your Spam filter to approve a specific sender or an entire domain. Enter a specific email address or domain into the “Enter new value” text box to allow all emails sent from that address or domain to bypass the Spam filter. For optimal effectiveness, leave Server and Mailbox checked. Click on Add to save the entry to your value list.
Please visit for an in-depth video tutorial on the Webmail Lite Spam filter.
It is important to note that email in your Spam folder will be deleted automatically after 15 days. Therefore you will need to monitor this folder until you are sure you have configured your settings to only trap undesirable emails.
It is also important to note that since the Spam folder is now contained within your main Webmail program, its contents count against your storage space quota. With our new larger mailbox size, this should not be an issue.
Please feel free to contact Sierra Tel Customer Care at 559-683-4611, 209-966-3636, or 1-877-658-4611 with any questions or concerns.
Thank you,
The Sierra Tel Team