Secure Forms

Secure Forms
Your business or organization has a website. You want to gather information or take reservations from people who desire your services or are interested in your business. How do you let potential customers know you value and protect their privacy?
STI offers our subscribers a secure form interface for use with your pre-existing web forms or forms our web designer can create for you.
Why is a secure form better? Standard web form data is submitted to an email client. This type of submission is not encrypted and is therefore subject to interception by hackers. With an STI secure form, submitted data is encrypted before, during, and after transmission.
Whenever you get a new submission, you will be informed immediately via an automatic email notification. Then, at your convenience, access the submitted forms using your standard web browser.
Secure forms are perfect for bed & breakfasts, inns, or any business requesting personal information such as credit card or social security numbers. For a nominal fee, provide your customers and clients with the security of knowing their privacy is protected before, during, and after they click the Submit button. Contact the STI web designer for more information.