Modem Setup – Windows 7

  1. Click on the wireless icon in the system tray in the bottom right corner of your screen (next to the time display).
  2. A list of available networks should pop up. You should see the name of your STI Wireless DSL Modem in the format of sti-123
    Click on the name of your STI Wireless DSL Modem.
  3. The window should change to give you a connect button and a connect automatically checkbox. Leave the checkmark in connect automatically if you would like your computer to automatically connect to this wireless network when it is available. Click on the connect button.
  4. A small window with the words “type the network security key” should come up. Type the passphrase that was given to you with your Wireless DSL Modem into the text box and click on the ok button.
  5. The small window pictured below may show up briefly and then disappear.
  6. The wireless tray icon should now look like the image below. The small white window that shows what network you are connected to and the network status is only visible when you hold the mouse pointer over the wireless tray icon. You should now be connected wirelessly to your STI Wireless DSL Modem.
Please repeat these steps with any other wireless ready computers that you would like to connect with.