DSL Speeds

Why is my reported speed so slow and what can I do to make my connection faster?

Many factors influence your speed. These include:

Wiring: if the wiring inside or outside your house is faulty, your speed may decrease. Faulty wiring may include poor wiring connections, corrosion of wires and damage from any household pets or pests.

Location: the closer you are to the nearest Telephone Company facility, the greater speed potential you have.

Your computer: a slower system processor, a computer in need of maintenance, or having other programs open at the same time can slow down everything, including your DSL connection. A malfunctioning Network Interface Card or incorrect network device drivers can also cause speed related problems.

Your network: if you have more than one computer make sure your home or office network is properly configured.

Other devices: cordless phones, other phones, fax machines, answering machines, credit card machines, satellite TV receivers, electrical cords, dimmer switches, microwave ovens, and surge protectors all have the potential to create static or interference. Make sure your computer’s monitor is not too close to the DSL modem; this can also negatively affect your DSL connection.

Make sure your computer is free of viruses or spyware. Be sure you update your virus protection at least once a month.

What does a speed test measure?

A speed test evaluates the connection between your DSL modem and the speed test page. It can only measure the available bandwidth, so stop all downloads, streaming, gaming, etc while you do the test.

We do not have control over the speed of the various pages you are viewing over the Internet. The Internet web pages you are viewing over the Internet are subject to delays. These delays are generally caused by Internet congestion.

What speeds can I expect?

We are not able to guarantee any specific speed, but we welcome an opportunity to work with you if your speeds are severely less than expected. Contact us if your speed is consistently less than 90% of the rating of your plan.