What do our employees say?

Kenny C

6 years
For me, I have been fairly lucky and have only worked at a couple other places in my life. So changing my place of work was very nerve wracking and somewhat intimidating. After my first couple of days all my anxieties and nerves went away due to the fact that so many of my new co-workers were welcoming and extremely helpful. One thing about Sierra Tel that I am extremely proud of is how involved in the community we are. Not only Sierra Tel as a business but my co-workers as well. They are the people I see all over town at events and in the community volunteering, always willing to lend a hand. I think that says something about Sierra Tel and its employees.

Eyan L

Building Maintenance
17 years
Hands down one of the premier work places in the Mountain Community. Sierra Tel goes above and beyond to take care of their employees. We have 40 year company veterans. That says a lot! The competitive pay, benefits for my family, coupled with the low-stress environment, make it a “no brainer” employment choice.

Quality drives the Economic Engine. From its products, to its services, to its employee relations Sierra Tel’s Economic Engine is moving upward.

Debbie P

28 years
I have been with Sierra Tel for over 28 years and during this time have found my career to be both enjoyable and rewarding. It is an organization that genuinely cares about its employees, customers and the communities it serves. The Company has gone through changes over the years that have allowed me to adapt to new experiences, pioneer more efficient ways to accomplish tasks, and work with people in other departments to expand my knowledge. The opportunity for growth has allowed me to advance from an entry level position into management.

I have a tremendous amount of pride for Sierra Tel for many reasons. I have seen them balance what is good for the company with what benefits the employees. I have watched them continually strive to provide the best services in very difficult and sparsely populated communities knowing that they genuinely care about putting the needs of our customers first. As a result, I highly value the part of my job that permits me to represent Sierra Tel while interacting with our communities and participate in many functions that increase the quality of life here in the mountains.

Sierra Tel is truly a workplace where qualities like compassion, hard work, and taking ownership are appreciated and rewarded. I am blessed to work for such a caring company and I look forward to continuing my career here.

Tom P

Human Resources
23 years
I have worked at Sierra Tel for over 23 years and it has been a wonderful place to work. There have always been opportunities to learn and advance, if you have the desire to do so. It’s been a blessing to live and have a career in the mountain area while working for a company that feels more like working for family than just going to a job.