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Internet Services

Our Service Plans

Sierra Tel is the premier Internet service provider throughout Eastern Madera and Mariposa counties.

  • Platinum
  • 79.95/ per month*
  • Download speeds over 25Mbps
  • Upload speeds over 5Mbps
  • Gold
  • 69.95/ per month*
  • Download speeds over 20Mbps
  • Upload speeds over 2Mbps
  • Silver
  • 59.95 / per month*
  • Download speeds over 12Mbps
  • Upload speeds over 2Mbps

*Prices listed do not include cost of required telephone service. Service availability and internet speed will depend on location.

Telephone Services

Landline telephone...
your life may depend on it.

  1. NO BATTERIES REQUIRED – works when the power is out
  2. The 911 operator knows exactly where you are
  3. No contract required
  4. No more spotty coverage or dropped calls
  5. Never lose your phone again

Security Solutions

Priceless peace of mind

Security Systems provide peace of mind. Add priceless protection for your family, pets, property and business.

We protect it all!


Community involvement is a key part of our business and one way that we and our employees give back.