I installed something that needs a port to be opened. What does that mean?

Ports can be forwarded (a more applicable term than opened), meaning that the DSL modem is configured to send certain traffic to a specified device on your network. If you are using a DSL modem from Sierra Tel without an additional router, Sierra Tel Technical Support can forward the port for you. Please have the port number(s) and the destination IP address available when you contact us. If you are using your own router, you will be responsible for making changes in your equipment.

What can I do about a “strict NAT” situation?

You can often get an “open NAT” reading by following a few simple steps.

  1. Turn off the DSL modem and every device that connects to it.
  2. Turn the modem on and let it connect.
  3. Make sure the first device you turn on after the modem is the one that was giving you the NAT error.

If the problem persists, find out which ports need to be forwarded and call Technical Support with that list and your device’s internal address. Or we can provide login instructions to allow you to do your own port forwarding.

Another option is to have us bridge the modem, if you are willing to configure your own router to handle routing and PPPOE authentication.

How fast should my DSL connection be?

If you are planning on using the Internet in a one-person household, the DSL Bronze plan may be adequate. If you have more than one person in your home, utilize any home security cameras, or if you are a gamer, you will be better served by subscribing to one of our faster plans. See Plans for a list of available plans and their pricing. Contact us if you wish to upgrade to a faster plan.

Distance factors and overhead can affect your speeds so we generally consider a DSL connection acceptable when a reliable speed test (such as speedtest.sierratel.com) reports a connection speed of at least 90% of your plan’s rating.

My DSL modem doesn’t seem to be working properly. Can I exchange it?

Please contact us before bringing a modem in for exchange. We can often save you a trip by diagnosing and solving a problem remotely. If your modem is still under warranty, we can provide an authorization number for exchanging the modem for a refurbished model. If your modem is not under warranty, we can make arrangements to test the modem and its power cord at no charge to you.

I’m shopping for a new modem. What specs should I look for?

Sierra Tel strongly recommends that all modems on our service be provided by Sierra Tel. Contact us for rental and purchase information.

What happens to my DSL service if I move?

If you are moving to another location within Sierra Tel’s service area, please contact Sierra Tel at least two weeks before the move.

If you are moving out of our area, contact Sierra Tel to disconnect your phone and DSL services. We will also want to discuss keeping or forwarding your email address.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

Sierra Tel’s Technical Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help you with Internet-related problems. If you are having any trouble with the DSL service, your email, or browsing the web, we want to hear from you.