Finally, Wi-Fi that blankets every corner of your home.

One light bulb can’t light every room in your home and a single router can’t be expected to deliver wireless internet to every corner. That’s why you need Sierra Tel’s Whole Home Wi-Fi Service — powered by eero. It uses multiple access points and TrueMesh technology to replace your router and help you stream, work, and play from every room in your home.

The very best in Wi-Fi starting at just $10.00/month.

Total Wi-Fi Control​

  • Check your speeds and connected devices, and monitor their data usage in real time.
  • Set schedules, create profiles for devices and users, and pause access with the tap of a button.
  • Grant access to friends and family, or share your network with guests without having to enter clunky passwords.
  • Get system updates, security patches and more automatically.

Let’s get started!​

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