Call Before You Dig!
The FCC has designated 8-1-1 as the national, toll-free number for the general public and excavators to call to provide advanced notice of excavation activities to help reduce the occurrence of damage to underground facilities during excavation.
Dial 8-1-1 to reach the underground utility cable locating service for Northern and Central California. Please call Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.
To Report A Repair Or Out Of Service Problem
Dial 6-1-1, 559-683-4661, or complete the form below
When you call our Repair Service, the service personnel will help you isolate and identify your telephone problem to affect a solution without incurring unnecessary costs.
Problems caused by Sierra Telephone’s outside wiring will be repaired at no charge. Sierra Telephone cannot repair or replace telephone equipment you own at your residence.
For additional information on Sierra Telephone’s Inside Wire Maintenance program, please refer to the Annual Customer Notice.
Repair Request Form (Email Monitored Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm)

* indicates required field
Have you unplugged all telephones and plugged them back in one at a time, checking each for dial tone?*
Have you unplugged all other equipment from the telephone jack, including fax, answering machine, cable or satellite boxes, and then checked the line?*
Do you have a working second line in the house*
Is this your telephone?*
Can your repair wait until the next business day?*
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